7 Best Third Party Integrations for Your Veterinary Software
 Third Party Integrations for Veterinary Software
Published: 6 October 2021

Best Third Party Integrations for Your Veterinary Software

Third-party integrations play an important role for veterinary software. A good veterinary practice management software has multiple third-party integrations to ensure a seamless work process. What if you use veterinary software for your clinic but it doesn’t have lab or payment gateway integrations?

In such a scenario, you would still need to use external tools and software for different purposes like making payments or accessing lab reports. As a result, you won’t be able to leverage your veterinary software. Therefore, it’s required that your veterinary software supports and is integrated with various required third-party tools and software.

If you are planning to get veterinary software for your clinic, it’s important to have a sound knowledge of what all third-party integrations an effective veterinary software should have and how these third-party integrations can help your clinic and ensure smooth communication with clients.

Let’s first start with the ways in which third-party integrations can help your clinic!

How Does Third-party Integrations Help?

There are different ways in which third-party integrations help a veterinary clinic. See the list below to get familiar with some of the major benefits of third-party integrations.

Manage Workflow: With veterinary integrations, vet clinics can streamline their work process. Veterinary clinics can say goodbye to manual paperwork with the help of third-party integrations to maintain digital records of pets, vaccination and medical history of pets, appointment details and other important information.

Moreover, you can backup important data and retrieve it in case of data loss. Hence, veterinary integrations help you in maintaining large databases to manage your workflow.

Having Everything Organized at One Place: Third-party veterinary integrations make your veterinary software a one-stop solution for all the needs of your clinic. If your veterinary software provides some of the best third-party integrations, you will not have to use external software and tools for different purposes. You can easily access everything through your veterinary account with third-party integrations and save your time.

Better Communication with Clients: You can ensure better communication with your clients with third-party veterinary integrations. For example, with messaging integrations, you can send instant appointment details, reminders, transaction alerts and promotional messages from within your veterinary software account.

As a result, you can keep your clients up-to-date in case of any changes in the appointment schedule or send them reminders if their appointment date is close.

Easy Transactions: Third-party integrations with reliable payment gateways ensure easy and safe transactions from within your veterinary software account. Moreover, all the transaction records will be stored in one place, leading to transparency.

Better Data Retention: Having third-party data backup integrations, helps in better data retention. With backup integrations, you can access crucial data whenever and wherever you want by signing in to your veterinary software account. As a result, you don’t have to look for different places where you have backed up all the important data.

Remote Access of Lab Reports: By having integrations with top labs, you don’t have to mail lab reports to your clients manually. Lab integrations help patients to access their lab records from their account from wherever they want. Remote access saves the need of visiting the clinic in person.

Quick Customer Support: With customer support integrations, clients can either chat or call customer support from within their accounts. It’s hassle-free as patients won’t have to email their queries. They can simply use the customer support chat or call options.

Must-have Third-party Integrations with Your Veterinary Software

Below is the list of third-party integrations that your veterinary software must have.

Lab Integrations:

A veterinary software can’t do without lab integrations. Lab integrations help in accessing quick lab results so that the treatment can begin without any delays. Heska lab, Abaxis lab and Avid lab are some of the best lab integration options that you can consider for your veterinary software.

  • Heska Lab: Heska Lab is one of the most renowned labs dedicated to effective pet care. This lab is equipped with the latest technologies and innovations to provide the best healthcare to your pets. Moreover, Heska has partnerships with some of the top-notch leaders in diagnostics and treatment to provide accurate and reliable lab results.
  • Abaxis Lab: Abaxis lab offers cost-effective lab tests to its patients. With its leading-edge technology, tools and services, Abaxis lab helps vet clinics to provide the best treatment to your pets.
  • Avid Lab: This veterinary laboratory offers diagnostics in diverse areas like Chemistry, Serology, Microbiology, Urinalysis. In short, it is a one-stop solution for any kind of treatment or lab test your pet requires.
  • Payment-Gateway Integrations:

    Payment-gateway integrations ensure safe and hassle-free transactions. Open Edge is one of the best payment gateway integrations that you must have for your veterinary software.

  • Open Edge: Open Edge is a cost-effective payment integration that uses the leading payment technology to help with error-free and easy transactions. With Open Edge, you can make fast payments through your VetPort account.
  • Accounting Integrations:

    Accounting integrations help keep records of payment details, invoices, and other things related to account management and finance. Xero is a leading accounting integration that one can consider.

  • Xero: Xero is a payment gateway integration that every veterinary software must have. This software not only helps with payments but invoicing, automatic bank feeds, expense claims and other management reporting options.
  • Credit Card Processing Integrations:

    Having multiple payment options within your veterinary software is always a good option. Many patients prefer making payments through credit and debit cards. Therefore, credit card processing integrations like Paragon Solutions are a good option.

  • Paragon Solutions: Paragon Solutions is a third-party integration that helps you process credit and debit card payments online within your VetPort account and securely make payments by swiping your card in-person if the payment is made in the clinic itself.
  • Marketing-Communication Integrations:

    Marketing and communication integrations allow vet clinics to maintain effective communication with their clients and staff members. Moreover, they also help meet the marketing and promotional needs of a veterinary clinic. Amazon Email Service and Slack are some marketing-communication integrations that you get with VetPort.

  • Amazon Simple Email Service: It is a cloud-based email sending service that veterinary clinics can use to send marketing emails, notifications and transactional emails to their customers in an affordable manner.
  • Slack: Slack is an amazing and widely-used third-party integration to ensure effective communication with your team. With slack, different veterinarians can work on a project simultaneously. You can create both public and private channels to ensure smooth communication and workflow.
  • Message Media: With the help of Message Media, vet clinics can send appointment notifications, payment details, promotional messages and transactional alerts to their clients. It is a third-party integration designed exclusively for clients from Australia and New Zealand.
  • VETport Inhouse Integrations:

    Besides external third-party integrations, VetPort also has many in-house integrations to help veterinary clinics streamline their work. VetSMS, DXshoot-EMR and online booking are some amazing in-house integrations provided by VetPort.

  • VetSMS: VetSMS help you send direct automated messages right from your VetPort account. You can send automatic appointment reminders, vaccination details, and notify the patients about any important events. Moreover, you can maintain good customer relations by sending seasonal alerts, festival wishes etc.
  • DXshoot-EMR: Using this VetPort in-house integration, you can send pdf or jpg files of Electronic Medical records(EMRs) via emails directly from your mobiles to VetPort. Moreover, the first two email addresses are absolutely free, thereafter you will be charged $5 for each additional email address.
  • Online Booking: VetPort online booking integration lets clients book appointments from their VetPort account. They don’t have to call a clinic to make appointments.
  • Customer Loyalty Program: With a customer loyalty program, you can send cash back rewards to your clients on the services they avail to maintain good customer relations.
  • Conclusion

    Having third-party integrations is crucial for veterinary software. A veterinary software alone can’t help your clinic to make the best out of veterinary software. It’s therefore important to have useful integrations for booking appointments, making payments, maintaining good customer relations, communications and for the overall functioning of your veterinary software.

    VetPort provides some of the best third-party integrations like VetSMS, DXshoot-EMR, and external integrations like Amazon Email Services, Heska lab integrations and various others to make sure your veterinary clinic can function properly and without any hassle.

    In case you are planning to purchase a good veterinary software with some of the best third-party integrations, this article can help you a great deal. Read this article thoroughly to get yourself acquainted with some of the must-have third-party integrations to streamline your work process. For further details, feel free to visit VetPort’s website.

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